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William Lobb and Nicholas Mohr are trial attorneys with more than  38 years of combined courtroom experience helping individuals, couples, and families in Polk and Hardee Counties. Due to the nature of our practice, we appear before the judges in Polk and Hardee counties every day of the week. Through our years of trial work we have grown to recognize which cases may ultimately have to be tried and which cases may be resolved without going to court. By focusing on solutions to our client’s problems rather than creating hostility we save my clients time, money, and stress. It is this approach that has allowed our practice to flourish.  Understand that every individual case is different and that your circumstances may be different from a friend or a neighbor who went through a similar situation. It is very important that you heed the personalized legal advice we will provide you in your case.  We are here to protect you and give you the best advice.  Remember less litigation is in your best interest, not ours.

We provide a private and personal service. We understand the legal issues involved are sensitive and emotional. We connect with you on a personal level to understand your background, needs, and goals. We pride ourselves on our level of service to our clients, and our attention to your questions and concerns from the start to the conclusion of your case.  Our office consists of 2 legal assistants and 2 attorneys.

We can advise you with your family law, estate planning and criminal defense issues.


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