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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cases do you handle?

Our firm represents & advises clients facing:

Do you charge for a consultation?

There is no charge for the initial consultation.

Is your fee based on an hourly rate or a contingent?

Our fees are based upon my hourly rate of $300.00 per hour for William Lobb and $200 per hour for Nick Mohr.

Are any cases flat fees?

Yes, criminal actions are flat fee.

How long does it take to get divorced?

It depends on the issues involved. Some couples are divorced in as little as two months. Some cases take longer depending on the issues involved.

What can I do to move my case smoothly?

Promptly respond to all communications from our office and provide copies of the required financial information that must be disclosed in all dissolution cases. Be aware this same disclosure may also be necessary in other forms of family law cases.

If I hire you to represent me, will I be able to meet with you in your office to discuss the progress of my case?

Yes, office appointments are encouraged while your case is pending.

In a divorce case, can both of us employ the same attorney?

No, it would be a conflict of interest for a lawyer to represent both spouses in a divorce.

Is there an advantage to filing first in a divorce case?

It depends on the issues that will be involved in your case. We will advise you of the pros and cons of this at the initial consultation.

Do you represent more men or women in family law cases?

Our practice is evenly divided between men and women.

Are you aggressive?

Yes, we will vigorously represent your interests in and out of Court, and will make clear and straightforward arguments to the Court on the legal issues involved. However, we will always treat your spouse and opposing counsel in a professional manner.

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