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Non-marital Assets – Subject to Equitable Distribution

As a general rule non-marital property including property inherited by a spouse prior to the marriage is not subject to division in subsequent dissolution of marriage proceedings. There are occasions, however, that the Courts have found that inherited non-marital assets can become marital assets Notably the Florida Supreme Court in the case of Hooker v. Read More

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Is Your Marital Home a Marital Asset?

In general, property obtained prior to marriage is considered a non-marital asset and remains the sole property of the owner spouse after divorce.  This applies even if the property was the parties’ marital residence during the marriage.  Additionally, property purchased during the marriage through a spouse’s use of non-marital assets is also generally considered a Read More

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Timesharing\Parenting Plans – Mental Health Issues

In contested timesharing cases we work with our clients to determine what timesharing factors under Florida law are going to be pivotal in the Court’s ultimate decision on a parenting plan.  Some of our firm’s cases involve concerns with the mental health of a parent.  Under Florida Statute section 61.13 a parent’s mental health is Read More

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Paternity – Biological Fathers’ Rights

Fatherhood and fathers’ rights can sometimes be a tricky issue in Florida, especially in situations where a man fathers a child with a woman who is married but who is not his wife.  Although it seems contrary to common sense, a biological father is not always recognized as the legal father of his child in Read More

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Marital Assets and Debts in Divorce – Student Loans

In many of the cases that we see in our practice one or both of the parties have accumulated student loan debt during the course of their marriage. Many people are of the mistaken belief that this debt will not be a part of the dissolution of marriage. Florida courts have consistently held, however, that Read More

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Timesharing Modifications – Domestic Violence

In a recent decision from March 2020, our Second District Court of Appeals in Meyers v Meyers, (Fla. App. 2020) dealt with a modification of timesharing action wherein a parent sought to modify an equal timesharing arrangement established by a final judgment. The reason for the modification was that the parties’ child witnessed domestic violence Read More

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